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Runtime: 2008-08-01 - 2010-12-31

The EU-project AIMES (Advanced Infrastructure for Medical Equipment and Services) is a European joint project of German and Spanish partner which are grouped in a consortium.

The central objective of AIMES is the development of a service platform as well as of partial components such as a demonstrator for the handling of medical technical service processes in health care organizations. By means of this platform data of medical devices will be collected at a central communication data bank. Thus, any failures or scheduled maintenance services of devices can be automatically recorded, transferred and analyzed, increased consequentely, transparency of financial and time aspects with regard to maintenance and repair of defective devices can be achieved. Evaluation of service-related information is conducted place via a standardized interface.

In terms of content, AIMES is neerly completed. The next important step of implementation to be taken is the testing phase of the demonstrator within the Department of Radiology and Nuclear Medicine.

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