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Runtime: 2010-07-01 - 2012-06-30

The project AQUADIC (full title in German: Automatiesiertes und Qualitätsgesichertes DICOM- Bilddatenmamagement) is a national project, with the main research area of quality assurance at DICOM data management. In the scope of the project DICOM data are analyzed according to they application, generation and processing within various studies. From the results gained, optimizations in the field of data transfer, data storage and general automation of DICOM-related processes are developed and implemented. The aim of the study is the achievement of uniformity and simplification of these processes and the establishment of a uniform standard for DICOM image data management within clinical trials.


f. l. t. r.: Lars Lindemann, Wiebke Loch, Heiko Wissel, uwe Engeland, Wolf Richter, Dirk Emmel, Oliver Großer, Kathleen Laatz, Rolf Fiedler, Mario Thron

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